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This is the DELUXE Wound Molds Kit!


PLEASE NOTE: You are only purchasing the MOLDS for the wounds. The pre-made wounds in the picture are examples of the realism you can achieve. They are not part of the kit.


It contains ALL of the individual wound molds that you see on our site – a total of 12 in all! (The picture shows a sample of all the finished wounds you can make).

Now YOU can make your own trauma prosthetics when YOU need them! With our detailed, realistic wound molds you can make as many as you need and any variety you want for your particular special effects needs, be it a casualty simulation, movie, Halloween or Cos play.

Simply heat the Flesh colored TraumaGel, pour it into the mold and slush it around until it firms up. Remove and powder each side and apply to your victim’s skin with any of the great adhesives we offer.

Apply makeup as necessary to seamlessly blend it into the skin. That’s it!

Trowel in some of our Wound Filler and a generous amount of TraumaBlood and you’ve got the most REALISTIC wound you’ve ever seen!

Here's a tip: For realistic blood that won't run or rub off, apply the blood colored TraumaGel directly to the prosthetic.

Advantages of using TraumaGels – if you goof up, just place it back in the bottle, reheat and do it all over again!

Want to re-use the wound you created? Simply remove all makeup and adhesvie from the prosthetic and place the used wound back in the bottle to re-heat and re-use another time! It doesn’t get any easier than this. The realism is incredible.

In the pictures above you see examples of the actual prosthetics made from all the molds. We’ve added some coloring to show you how they can look when finished.

You are purchasing only the wound molds.

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