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It's here! After two years of testing various NON-STAINING formulas, we can finally say that we believe THIS IS THE ONE! Tired of sticky, gloopy, insect attracting, STAINING blood that turns actors pink and skin raw trying to remove the pink "ghosting" effect? TraumaFX Blood NS (the NS stands for Non-Staining) will be your new go-to product for not only it's great washability, but especially it's realistic Arterial and Venous colors too. Soon, there will even be a dark, blackish purple, rotted caramel Zombie Blood color! There is no need for refrigeration and Trauma Blood can be used anywhere except the mouth. This is a Professional Blood for Professionals. It comes in perfectly accurate Arterial and Venous colors.Trauma Blood NS looks, runs, flows and smears just like the real thing.You really have to see it to appreciate it!

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