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This is one product you MUST have!

TraumaFX Wound Filler is used to fill cavities and crevices in both large and small lacerations, cuts, avulsions, amputations and anywhere you have trauma!

It gives everything that "realistic" wet, meaty look. It's PERFECT for inserting into your TraumGel or Silicone wounds!

This thick paste is troweled in to a wound effect and looks wet but stays put nicely. Scoop out with a spatula or popsicle stick and apply to the wound as desired. Washes right off with soap & water and is non-toxic.

You're gonna LOVE this stuff!  You've got to see it to really appreciate the REALISM it gives any wound!


Shown above is our 2 ounce size. Use the drop down menu to select our 1/2 ounce Economy size or the Mass Casualty 4-ounce Wound Filler! 


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