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NEW! One of our best products has now gotten even better! Professional special makeup effects artists have grown to love our line of tough, dependable and color accurate, TraumaGels in Flesh, Blood and Clear.

Now you can quit throwing away those other Gelatin products that lose strength and increase tearing by many heat/cool cycles. No more trying to find the sharpest knife possible to cut the slab of Gelatin you purchased elsewhere (ever tried doing that on location during a film? Yikes!).

The TraumaGel Pyramids can be plucked one at a time from the 16 ounce sheet so you only use what you need. Each Pyramid is approximately 10.5 grams.

Why the extra .5 grams? Because we are working professions also and realize that not all of the Gel comes out of your container, no matter how much you've heated it. So we provided you with a little extra - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Need a prosthetic nose? Tear off two TraumaGel Pyramids, heat and cast in your mold. That's it!

All TraumaGel products have been heated only once during manufacturing - so you get "virgin" gelatin for your projects, and it stays that way until YOU decide to reheat again. Otherwise, just pluck a few more off for another creation and the Gel is as good as the day it was made. NO MORE frequent heating/cooling cycles, causing it to lose it's prosthetic tear strength and molding properties. Save $$ with our NEW TraumaGel Pyramids!

Available in Flesh, Blood and Clear - 16+ ounces/approx. 480grams.

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