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Design durable and realistic lacerations, burns, wounds, bullet holes and scars with our Hollywood quality TraumaGels in Flesh, Blood & Clear. Wounds may be pre-made or apply right to your skin!

Click under the picture where it says "MORE IMAGES"  for examples of what you can do with TraumaGels!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill product. Because of our unique formula, TraumaGels feel soft - just like REAL skin! You have to feel and see it to appreciate the properties of this product. If you want the best of the best to make your own professional prosthetics and on-skin makeup, this is it.

It's SO simple! Just warm until gel turns to liquid; create your wound or burn on the skin or slush it around in one of our wound molds and allow to “set” as it cools. Powder and apply.

Here’s the best part: It’s RE-USABLE!  After you’ve finished using it or if you goof up – just put it back in the bottle, heat and RE-USE IT!

We offer 2 or 4 ounce bottles of the most amazing 3D simulation gels you’ll ever see! You can get many, many uses from just one bottle of TraumaGel.

Applications: 3-30 per ounce. Use the DROP DOWN MENU to pick each size & color. The price will change automatically.

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